travelpro maxlite luggage FAQ

Customers can contact Travelpro through their official website or customer service hotline for support and inquiries regarding their Maxlite luggage.

Travelpro often offers luggage sets within the Maxlite series, providing a cost-effective solution for travelers needing multiple pieces of luggage.

Many pieces in the Maxlite series are designed to meet carry-on requirements for most major airlines, but it’s always advisable to check with your airline before traveling.

Yes, the Maxlite series is designed for ease of maneuverability, featuring high-performance wheels and telescoping handles.

The luggage can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Specific care instructions are often included with the purchase or can be found on Travelpro’s official website.

Travelpro offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty or a Built For A Lifetime Limited Warranty on their Maxlite series, covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Many pieces in the Maxlite series come with TSA-friendly locks and robust zipper systems for added security.

Online retailers like Amazon, and travel gear websites often feature customer reviews that can give you insight into the luggage’s performance in real-world conditions.

The Maxlite series includes a wide range of options, including carry-ons, expandable spinners, rollaboard luggage, and underseat bags. They come in various sizes to accommodate short trips and longer vacations.


Travelpro Maxlite luggage is known for its ultra-lightweight design, durability, water and stain-resistant coating, and ergonomic features that provide comfort and convenience to travelers.