What is smart luggage?

Smart luggage refers to suitcases or carry-on bags equipped with advanced features such as GPS trackers, USB chargers, remote locking mechanisms, built-in scales, and proximity alerts, designed to add convenience and security to your travel experience.

How does GPS tracking in smart luggage work?
GPS tracking in smart luggage works through a network of satellites that provide real-time location data. This information is typically accessible through a smartphone app, which communicates with a GPS module inside your luggage.

Can I charge my phone with my smart luggage?

Yes, many smart luggage options come with built-in USB ports that can be used to charge your devices. However, you will need to ensure the internal battery of the luggage is charged first.

How does the remote locking feature work?

The remote locking feature usually works with a companion app on your smartphone that communicates with the lock via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can lock and unlock your bag using your phone.

What are the TSA guidelines on smart luggage?

The TSA requires that all electronic luggage batteries must be removable in case the bag needs to be checked in. The battery must also comply with FAA regulations for lithium batteries if you’re flying.

Is my smart luggage allowed on all airlines?

Not necessarily. Airline policies on smart luggage can vary, especially concerning batteries. Always check the airline’s baggage policy before flying and be prepared to remove the battery if needed.

Will smart luggage fit in overhead bins?

It depends on the size of the luggage and the airline’s specific requirements for carry-on dimensions. Standard smart carry-ons are designed to fit, but always double-check sizes, as overhead bin dimensions can vary by aircraft.

What if my smart luggage gets wet?

Most smart luggage is designed to handle a degree of moisture, but it’s not typically fully waterproof. Electronics and batteries should be sufficiently sealed to cope with light rain, but you should avoid submerging your bag or exposing it to heavy downpours.

How do I reset the combination lock on my smart luggage?

Instructions for resetting the lock combination will vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so refer to your luggage’s instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific directions.

How do I care for and maintain my smart luggage?

Regular care includes keeping the bag clean, storing it in a dry place, and avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasives. Charge the battery as needed, and ensure that the electronics are not subjected to impacts or extreme temperatures.

What’s covered under the smart luggage warranty?

Warranty coverage varies by brand and model but typically includes defects in materials and manufacturing. It may not cover wear and tear or damage from misuse. Check your warranty documentation for specifics.

Are there smart luggage options with built-in scales?

Yes, some smart luggage models include built-in scales that indicate the weight of your packed luggage, helping to prevent overpacking and avoid excess baggage fees.