Riding Suitcase FAQ

*A riding suitcase is a type of luggage that includes wheels and a seat, allowing a child or an adult to sit on it and ride through an airport or around the house. For children, they are often shaped like animals or cars and come with handles for steering.

*Most riding suitcases for children are designed with safety in mind. They typically have a stable base and are low to the ground to minimize the risk of tipping over. However, it’s crucial to supervise children to prevent any accidents.

*Some riding suitcases are designed to meet carry-on size restrictions, but it’s essential to check the dimensions and the airline’s regulations before flying. Always confirm the allowed size for carry-on luggage with your airline.

The weight limit varies by brand and model, but generally, children’s riding suitcases can hold between 50-110 pounds. Always check the specifications from the manufacturer for accurate limits.

Like other types of luggage, the durability of a riding suitcase depends on the quality of its materials and construction. Look for options made from sturdy plastics or other high-strength materials and read reviews to gauge durability.

While most riding suitcases are designed for children, there are also models available for adults. The adult versions tend to focus more on practicality than playful designs.

One of the most well-known brands for children’s riding suitcases is Trunki. For adults, brands like Micro and Modobag offer rideable luggage options.

Consider the following features: sturdy wheels, a secure locking mechanism, a comfortable and durable seat, a strong and easy-to-grip handle for steering, adequate storage space, and compliance with airline regulations.

The price of a riding suitcase can vary widely based on the size, materials, brand, and features. Children’s models by brands like Trunki may range from $50 to $100, whereas adult models can cost several hundred dollars.

Yes, riding suitcases have storage compartments and can be used just like regular luggage for carrying clothes, toys, and other travel essentials.