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Airwheel S8 FAQ

What is the Airwheel S8?

The Airwheel S8 is an electric, self-balancing, 2-wheel scooter or mini personal transporter which offers both seating and standing postures for riding.

How do I start the Airwheel S8?

To start the S8, you typically need to press the power button and balance it upright. Make sure to read the user manual for specific starting instructions.

Can I ride the Airwheel S8 while standing?

Yes, the Airwheel S8 is designed to be used in both sitting and standing postures. The adjustable seat accommodates the transition between these modes.

What is the maximum range of the Airwheel S8?

The range of the S8 can vary depending on rider weight, road conditions, temperature, and other factors. Typically, the range is somewhere around 20-30 miles on a full charge, but this should be confirmed with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Is the Airwheel S8 waterproof?

The Airwheel S8 may have a certain degree of water resistance, typically enough to handle light rain and puddles, but it’s not designed for riding in heavy rain or through deep standing water. Always check the product’s IP rating and manufacturer recommendations.

Airwheel SR5 FAQ

What is the Airwheel SR5?

Airwheel SR5 is an auto-following smart suitcase designed to provide a hands-free and convenient travel experience. It is capable of automatic following, obstacle avoidance, and has intelligent features for modern travelers.

How does the Airwheel SR5 avoid obstacles?

The SR5 is equipped with ultrasonic sensors that help to detect obstacles in its path. It then uses this information to navigate around them without requiring manual intervention from the user.

Can the SR5 be used as a regular suitcase?

Yes, if needed, the Airwheel SR5 can work just like a regular suitcase, and you can manually pull it using the handle.

Is there a weight limit for the SR5?

As with any luggage, the SR5 has a maximum load capacity. For specific details, always check the user manual or product specifications provided by Airwheel.

What happens if the battery runs out?

If the battery depletes completely, the auto-following and smart functions will stop, and the SR5 can be used as a regular pull-along suitcase.

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