electric scooter luggage for adults

What is an electric scooter suitcase?

An electric scooter suitcase is a piece of motorized luggage that you can ride on. It combines the functionality of a travel suitcase with the convenience of an electric scooter, complete with a motor and battery.

How does the electric scooter suitcase work?

The electric scooter suitcase incorporates a rechargeable battery, motor, and wheels, along with handlebars for steering. You typically control the speed with a throttle on the handlebars, and braking is done similarly to a standard electric scooter.

Is it allowed on airplanes?

Electric scooter suitcases may face some restrictions, especially due to the lithium battery, when it comes to air travel. You’ll need to check with the airline regarding the size of the battery and whether it’s allowed as carry-on or checked luggage. The battery may need to be removed and carried on separately.

How do you charge an electric scooter suitcase?

These suitcases are charged using a charger that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. They typically come with their own specific charger, and it’s recommended to use the charger provided by the manufacturer.

Can I ride an electric scooter suitcase on sidewalks or streets?

Laws regarding riding electric scooters on sidewalks or streets differ by location. It’s important to check local laws to understand where you’re legally allowed to ride an electric scooter suitcase.

How much weight can they support?

Electric scooter suitcases have varying weight limits, but most are designed to support the weight of an average adult. You should check the manufacturer’s specifications for weight restrictions.

What about the speed? How fast can they go?

Just like the weight capacity, the speed will vary depending on the model. They typically have a moderate top speed suitable for indoor or airport use — often around 5-10 mph (8-16 km/h).

How safe are electric scooter suitcases?

Safety can vary by model, but most come with features like brakes, a stable base, and a sturdy handlebar to ensure a safe ride. Always practice safe riding by wearing appropriate gear and being aware of your surroundings.

What to consider before buying an electric scooter suitcase?

Before buying, consider the following: is it compliant with travel regulations, what’s the weight and dimensions, battery life and speed, its weight capacity, and if it’s suitable for the type of travel you’ll be doing.

Are they waterproof?

Electric scooter suitcases are generally not fully waterproof, considering their electronic components. They can handle some water exposure, but it’s best to avoid riding them in the rain or on wet surfaces.

How durable are electric scooter suitcases?

Durability will depend on the materials used and the build quality. Look for options with a sturdy chassis, high-quality wheels, and a reliable battery, and check the warranty offered by the manufacturer for an indication of durability.

How do I maintain my electric scooter suitcase?

Maintenance usually includes charging the battery correctly, storing it in a safe place, keeping it clean and dry, and checking for any loose parts or damages regularly.

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