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The Best Kids Luggage in singapore

Discover Airwheel – the best kids luggage in Singapore to make travel fun for little adventurers. Airwheel Childrens Luggage in Singapore fills you with excitement! Airwheel’s durable and fun design is loved by children.

Airwheel Luggage price in Singapore


Airwheel SR5 Luggage Price is $1,064.00, Airwheel SE3T Price is $869.00, Airwheel SE3S Price is $1,099.00, Airwheel SE3 mini T Price is $899.00, Airwheel se3 Price is $1,199.00. 

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Best Airwheel Luggage in Singapore

Discover Singapore’s best with Airwheel luggage – your ultimate travel companion for style and durability on-the-go.Embark on your Singapore journey with the best of Airwheel luggage.

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airwheel singapore FAQ

* Airwheel products can be found in various electronic and personal mobility device stores around Singapore. Sometimes, they can also be purchased online through e-commerce platforms or directly from the official website if they provide shipping to Singapore.

* Singapore has strict regulations for personal mobility devices (PMDs). As of my last update, electric scooters and unicycles need to meet certain criteria set by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, such as weight, speed limit, and device dimensions. Always check the most recent regulations before using an Airwheel product.

*Depending on the type of device, you might need to register your Airwheel with LTA and comply with their rules, including the affixation of an identification mark.

Warranty terms can vary. Typically, Airwheel products would come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Again, it is crucial to verify this with the supplier from whom you purchase the device.

There are often designated service centers or appointed workshops where you can get your Airwheel products serviced or repaired. Ensure you go to an authorized service provider for quality assurance.