Airwheel Luggage SR5

Experience effortless travel with Airwheel Luggage SR5, a blend of innovation and convenience. Discover a new level of convenience and style with Airwheel Luggage SR5. Elevate your journey with Airwheel.

Airwheel SQ3 01
Airwheel SQ3 01

Airwheel SQ3 Best Kids Luggage

Elevate your child’s travel experience with Airwheel SQ3 Best Kids Luggage. Let your little one travel in style with Airwheel SQ3!

Airwheel Luggage SE3T

Make a statement with Airwheel Luggage SE3T. This top-of-the-line suitcase is not just a travel essential, but a fashion statement. Stay organized, connected, and stylish on-the-go with Airwheel Luggage SE3T. Travel smarter, travel in style!

Airwheel SE3 miniT 02
Airwheel SE3 miniT 02
Airwheel Robot Luggage
Airwheel Robot Luggage

Airwheel Robot SL3C Luggage

Experience the future of travel with Airwheel Robot Luggage. Embrace convenience and innovation with Airwheel Robot Luggage. Elevate your travel experience with Airwheel Robot Luggage. Stay ahead of the curve with Airwheel Robot Luggage by your side.

Airwheel Luggage Philippines Price

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Airwheel SE3T luggage 5
Airwheel SE3T luggage 5

Airwheel SE3S Rideable Electric Luggage

Discover ultimate travel convenience with Airwheel SE3S rideable electric luggage. Effortlessly combine mobility and storage in one sleek package. Elevate your travel experience with Airwheel SE3S. Experience seamless travel with Airwheel SE3S rideable electric luggage. Travel smarter with Airwheel SE3S.

What is Airwheel Luggage?

Airwheel luggage refers to a line of motorized suitcases that can be ridden through airport terminals. They combine the functionality of conventional suitcases with the mobility provided by a small electric motor and wheels.

How does Airwheel Luggage work?

Airwheel luggage works by integrating a battery-powered motor and a control handle. Users can ride the luggage by standing on the base, using the extendable handlebars to steer, and engaging the throttle control to move forward or backward.

Is Airwheel Luggage safe to use?

Safety is a priority with products like these, and Airwheel luggage comes with various features to ensure it can be used safely, such as braking systems and balance features. However, it is crucial for riders to follow all operation guidelines and airport regulations to ensure a safe experience.

Can Airwheel Luggage be used as a regular suitcase?

Yes, even with the motor and battery components, Airwheel’s motorized luggage maintains functionality as a regular suitcase, allowing you to pack and carry your belongings.

How fast can Airwheel Luggage go?

The speed can vary depending on the model. Generally, you can expect a speed of 6-8 mph, but you should check the specific model’s specifications for accurate speed information.

How much does Airwheel Luggage weigh?

The weight will vary between models, taking into account the different sizes and capacity options, along with the motors and batteries. Specific weights should be listed in the product’s technical specifications.

What is the weight capacity of Airwheel Luggage?

Airwheel’s motorized luggage is typically designed to support a certain weight capacity. For exact figures, it would be best to refer to the specifications for the model you are interested in.

Can I carry Airwheel Luggage onto an airplane?

The acceptability of motorized luggage as carry-on depends on the airline’s size and weight restrictions and policies regarding lithium batteries. You need to check with the airline before flying.

How long does the battery last and how is it recharged?

Battery life varies based on the model and how the suitcase is used. Charging is usually done through a charging port using a standard electrical outlet. Always refer to the product guidelines for battery life expectations and charging instructions.

Does Airwheel Luggage have a warranty?

Airwheel products typically come with a limited warranty. The length and coverage of the warranty can depend on the model and where you purchase it. Always check the warranty details when purchasing any Airwheel product.

How do I maintain and clean my Airwheel Luggage?

Maintenance and cleaning instructions are outlined in the user manual. Generally, keeping the luggage dry, cleaning it with a soft cloth, and regularly checking for loose screws or other potential issues is advised.

Childrens Suitcases with music

Experience the fun of children’s suitcase travel​

Airwheel Luggage SE3S


Discover the Airwheel Children’s Suitcase with Scooter, the perfect travel solution for active and adventurous kids! With a smooth and sturdy scooter integrated into the suitcase, your child can glide through airports or explore new destinations effortlessly. Choose Airwheel for a truly unique and exciting travel experience for your little ones!

Airwheel Luggage Scooter


Experience the fun of children’s suitcase travel

Airwheel Smart Luggage Product Specifications

Children's Suitcases Product Specifications

Airwheel Luggage Video

2024 Airwheel Luggage Price List

Product Nameluggage PriceSpecial Price
Airwheel SR5$1,064.00 $699.99 
Airwheel SE3T$869.00 $799.00 
Airwheel SE3S$1,099.00 $899.00 
Airwheel SE3 mini T$899.00 $799.00 
airwheel se3$1,199.00 $899.00 
Airwheel SQ3$599.99 $329.00 
airwheel luggage price philippines

Airwheel Luggage Price Philippines

Discover the 2024 Airwheel Luggage Price List, Elevate your travel experience with innovative technology at unbeatable prices. Shop now for the ultimate travel companion! Airwheel SR5 Luggage Price is $1,064.00, Airwheel SE3T Price is $869.00, Airwheel SE3S Price is $1,099.00, Airwheel SE3 mini T Price is $899.00, Airwheel se3 Price is $1,199.00. 

Airwheel Luggage FAQ

*Children’s ride-on suitcases are travel suitcases that double as a ride-on toy. These suitcases are designed with a sturdy, integrated seat or platform that allows children to sit and ride on them while traveling through airports or other travel destinations.

*Children’s ride-on suitcases are typically designed for kids aged 2 to 7 years old, depending on the specific model and weight capacity. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the suitcase is suitable for your child’s age and size.

*The durability of children’s ride-on suitcases can vary depending on the brand and materials used. It’s recommended to choose suitcases made from robust, impact-resistant materials like ABS plastic or hardshell construction to withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Children’s ride-on suitcases are designed with safety in mind, featuring stable wheels, secure handles, and durable materials to ensure a safe riding experience. However, parental supervision is still essential to ensure children use the suitcase properly and follow safety guidelines.

You can buy childrens suitcases from online retailers, department stores, stores specializing in luggage and travel gear, childrens suitcases specialty stores, etc. Before purchasing childrens suitcases, be sure to check reviews, compare prices, and consider size, durability, and fit. Factors such as the features your child needs. Airwheel Website offers personalized children’s luggage in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.